Bloc Some Vlan to get access to the internet in Peplink

I add some Vlans on Peplink , but i don’t want give internet access to some of this Vlans, i can do this ??
For exemple Vlan 10 has the internet Acess, but Vlan 20 doesn’t have, Plz help in this

Thanks in advance

Set up a firewall rule that blocks outbound internet for the subnet range of the vlan.
In Network > Firewall | Access Rules >> Outbound Firewall Rules.

Deny by Source IP range

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Thanks very much for help, plz i have another question, if i have an interne firewall, i must configure the both interface of the interne firwall LAN/WAN with the same network for exemple for lan and wan of the firwall, only the PepLink WAN interface that must be configured with an @IP facing internet ???

My screen shots above are of the firewall built into the balance router.

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