Blance 305 with 2 internet line

How to set up network in this case.
one FFTN Line 50M/10M 64 Static ips /other with 1 static ip or Dynamic ip
What is best network design will be?
FFTN Default Wan 1 drop in mode and Wan 2 other line (hoping 50M/50M)

  • What i like to know is at LAN side default gateway (wan1 gatway ip) and DSN (Wan1 DNS Ips) all static (Wan1 64 static ips for Each computer)

Is it possible? Also I have PXE windows 7 boot system which contain DHCP,gPXE,TFTP,Image ISCI Taget boot server–(How to I address on Peplink Balance?)—CCBoot uses the following ports - 67 (DHCP), 69 (TFTP), 3260 (iSCSI), 1000 (Image Upload), 8001 (Service Control). Please open these ports on the server firewall to make sure client PC can diskless boot successfully. For CCBoot v3.0, you also need to open port 66. V3.0 using port 66 as DHCP backup. And after v3.0 20130871, CCBoot use port 4011 instead of port 66 as DHCP backup.

  • For Balance do I still need Cisco router or just directly connect to HP 2848 Switch?

LAN side need to be Static ip
What is best set up for this network…
Current set up.
CCbot Servier windows 2008 64 bit. All clients windows 7 64 bit.
1 FFTN (25M/10M) Bell modem after Csco 1850 the HP 2848 Switch.
Any advise will be thankful.

Is there I can pay for some kind of remote set up service?
If any one can do it.
Email me @ [email protected]
Thank you…


Can you share network diagram for existing setup with items above?

Bell Sagemcom 2864 (FFTN 25/10 Modem) —>Cisco 1840 Router —>ProCurve Switch 2848
–> CCBoot Server


–>Counter computer.
CCboot Server, 40 Clients and all other computers are connect Through ProCurve Switch 2848 (J4904A)
Also I don’t use Firewall.
Not good at drawing…

This is current set up and I’d like to replace Cisco 1840 to Peplink Balance 305 if I could. with 1 FFTN with 64 static ips and other static ip with 50/50M connection.

is it understand?
Thank you.

Hi Access,

May I know the Drop-in in WAN1 is necessary in your case? If not this is simple deployment. You just need to replace Cisco 1840 with B305. Both WANs running on NAT mode and do Port Forwarding or NAT Mapping for LAN host.

WAN1 64 Static ip is necessary. Yes
Wan 2 is just for traffic b lancer.
I was thinking to Drop in mode Wan1 and Wan 2 as addon.
ISP modem has to NAT Mode set and BLP 305 wan NAT setting as well or Just BLP Wan NAT setting will be work?
I still kind of shooting in Dark…

At first I want to Set Wan1 with Drop in mode and will test then add wan 2 may be wan3. So wan2,3 batter be one Static ip each.
You think I should NAT Mapping or port forwarding. Ok.

And My server is on LAN side how to set in BLP 305? or just leave as client?

Thank you…

Hi Access,

What is the IP subnet between modem and Cisco router? Same range with 64 static IPs?

Drop-in mode is necessary hen you facing this scenario - Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

If you have sufficient public IP, you may use NAT Mapping. Else you may use Port Forwarding.

Subnet mask?
Yes I have 10 ip to spare.
one more question.
Wan2 what if I get Dynamic ip can I assign to one of spare public ip for WAN1? Cause Dynamic internet is cheaper then static ip.
Do I need to change set up ISP modem too?

just use one static ips to Blp 305 and tester everything all looks good then and Add Wan2 and so on.

Hi Access,

Look like Drop-in is not necessary based on your existing setup. You just need to replace Cisco router with B305 and having NAT mode for WAN1 and WAN2.

You can’t use WAN1 public IP in WAN2.

Thank you.
So Wan 1 with 64 static ips ,Wan2 with Dynamic , Wan 3 with 1 Static ip just this set up will get me Wan1’s static ip will work on LAN Side?
This will work? WAN1,2,3 with Low latency setting. will better for gaming ?
What about ISP’s Modem do I have to some settings? or just Peplink setting will do the job…
Keep reading manual but more and more questions…
Thank you so much.
I will try and re post result.

Hi Access,

This will work. Normally you no need to do changes on ISP modem.