Blance 20x WiFi Question

Asus routers allow the creation of a guest Wifi connection and admin wifi connection. Does the Balance 20x have this option? If so I am having trouble finding instruction on how to set this up.

  1. Login to the web interface of the balance 20x
  2. Click on AP on the top menu then the New SSID Button
  3. Enter the SSID name
    4.Set security policy to WP2/WP3-Personal
  4. Put a good password in.
  5. Enable Guest Protect
  6. Click Save and then Apply Changes top right when the SSID window closes.

Thank you kindly sir.

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Upon further discovery I have realized this isn’t what I was looking for. This shows how to add a wifi profile. Naming the SSID Guest doesn’t make it a guest wifi profile. With Asus there was a guest and amdin account for wifi profiles. Each were programmed differently. The guest wifi profile was more secure due to how it was configured. Then they had the admin wifi account you could connect to which was less secure due to having admin privileges.

I guess I should ask how do I configure a safe guest wifi profile for guests to use when they visit that has less privileges?

Did u enable step 6 from above instructions?

You’re right, but naming it Guest Wifi and enabling step 6 above that blocks a wifi user from access any other device with a private IP does make it a guest network.

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Gotcha. Thank you!!

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