BL380 ~ VLAN config with Netgear GS728TP


I need some guidance on using my Balance 380 as a router for two networks. One network is running on VLAN-63 and the other is on the default, with no VLAN tagging. I need to isolate the 63-VLAN traffic on my Netgear GS728TP to just two ports, the linkt o the other building (63-VLAN) and my BL380. Does anyone out here have experience with the Netgear GS728TP and BL380 VLANs? Thanks.



  1. Create Vlan 63 on B380 (Network > LAN > “?” of IP Settings > here > Proceed > New LAN).

  2. Create Vlan 63 and specify Native Vlan (if needed) on Netgear GS728TP.

  3. Configure Tagging on the port that connected to B380 on Netgear GS728TP.

  4. Associate Native Vlan and Vlan 63 to the ports on Netgear GS728TP.

Please refer user manual for Netgear GS728TP here.