BL380 ~ Route all data for a certain VLAN over a IPSec Tunnel


I wanted to know if it is feasible and how to setup the policy with my Balance 380 to route a specific VLAN (all data inbound/outbound) over a designated IPsec tunnel.



Unless there is another workaround that I am not thinking of the closest that you would be able to get would be to:

  1. Create Outbound FW rule to Deny Source “VLAN Network”
  2. Above that rule create a Allow rule to Allow Source “VLAN Network” Destination “Remote IPsec Network”

With the above the VLAN Network would only be able to access the remote end.

Normally with SF we could create a outbound policy rule defining the Source “VLAN Network” and choose WAN: SF tunnel, as it is treated as a interface where IPSec is not.