Bittorrent Blocking PepLink Balance 580+


I noticed in another post, that you mention that BitTorrent blocking is built in to the PepLink Balance 580 upwards. Can you tell me how to activate this feature as I’m unable to locate the option, and I can see BitTorrent traffic is passing through the device. BTW I’m using the latest firmware 5.2.2


This feature is in limited beta only available for partners.

To learn how to activate this feature, you can follow the instruction here:

Need the P2P blocking in the Balance 20!!! Please!

Hi. I have a peplink 1350. I cannot find this feature either. Im trying to open the link you posted but it only shows the peplink main website. Please help. I badly need this feature.

Please register and log in to our website and visit the following link:

Found it thanks.

Me too!! (Balance 20)


When will this function be available for the peplinkm Max HD2 ?

Hi Tim,
I have tested it. It is available on Balance 580. Could you please tell me how to enable it on Balance 380 & MAX610? My release version is 5.4.7.
Thanks a lot.

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This beta feature is currently only available on the Balance 580 and above.

I enabled it but I don’t see anything new on the Network/Web Blocking page. How do I configure it to block p2p?