Bittorrent Blocking and Scheduling

I have a 580 and have recently had the bittorrent blocking feature enabled. This is a great feature for any network and hats off to all who have worked on this feature. My request would be to set this as a time scheduled feature. I am a small Wisp, and do allow torrenting on my network, but do not wanting it congesting my network, especially during peak hours.

Hi Peplink Team,

The Bit Torrent time settings is something I have heard several times from clients as being a VERY nice to have. This goes along with the other requests of being able to enter time schedules for specific WANs as well.

Thank you for y our time and feedback on this.

Mike Maitland
Frontier Computer Corp.

WAN up/down timing along with schedule for firewall and outbound policies are features that we had requested from the development team so many times !
I hope we could have them sometime in the future as I think it’s not a hard thing to deploy.

Hear hear. This is something we will look at seriously. And don’t you worry Hootan, we will make it easy to use. It is in our DNA.