BIT TORRENT user in our Trailer Park How to catch him/her

Comcast is threating to canlcel / close the internet Account of my client *

ok, so here is the story.

We own a Wifi company and We have a client that owns a Trailer Mobile Home Park, he provides FREE wifi to all the residents (thats where we come in) the problem is that “a resident” at his trailer mobile home park is dowloading COPY RIGHT movies through BIT TORRENT and know Comcast it threating to permanently close his internet account.

My 3 questions to all of the experts in this forum would be the following (Thank you so so much in advance):

If a purchase a PEPLINK ONE i will be able to see the MAC address of the user?
will I be able to BLOCK Bit Torrent users?
Can I see Mac addresses and activity PRIOR to blocking Bit torrent user to know wich resident its doing this?

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For guides on how to block the traffic, you can use the following as reference.

For an overview of the sessions, under Status > Active Sessions.

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Thank you so so much for your response!!! Will I be able to see the MAC address of the user PRIOR to adding those rules??


You able to see the MAC addresses of the user and block Bittorrent with Content Blocking.

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It does, when you mouse-over to the particular session. *Do note this is for active sessions.

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You can use the content filtering to just block them, keeps it fair for everyone, this is what we have for one of our clients

Since setting this up, there network data usage has gone way down and they can demonstrate they are actively attempting to keep network usage legal.
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Can I block an SPECIFIC user with the PEPLINK?

Can I block an SPECIFIC user with the PEPLINK? The owner wants everybody to register theiw Mac address and the ones that are no register he wantrs us to block it…is this possible?

Could this be what you’re looking for?

This can be found under ‘Advanced’ > ‘Firewall’ > ‘Access Rules’ > ‘Outbound Firewall Rules’.
This setup will deny all IP sessions of a specific MAC address going to the WAN side.
You can also block a MAC address in your internal network via ‘Access Rules’ > ‘Internal Network Firewall Rules’.

I’m not sure if every Peplink/Pepwave model supports this feature.
@Kv_Chen/@TK_Liew, could you confirm which models support this?

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Yes. This is supported by all models.


Can I see Mac addresses and activity PRIOR to blocking Bit torrent user to know wich resident its doing this?

Warm regards, and thank you THANK YOU for all your great INPUT in helping us! your time AND knowledge its GREATLY appreciated!!!


Yes, you can see these details at ‘Status’ > ‘Client List’.

You can then look at the Bandwidth usage, at Status > Bandwidth.
You can look at the real-time, hourly, daily and monthly usage.
Here’s an example of the hourly usage:

I’ve taken these screenshots from a brand new Pepwave MAX Transit, so there isn’t much usage yet.
By clicking on the hours, you can see the details below:

If you have any other questions, let us know.

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Hello @Terry,
Here is another suggestion, why not setup a Captive Portal using Social Media. We have been having really good success using this as a means of both managing internet access and the data used.

@Keith has put together an extensive guide in setting this up at

We have been using the captive portal with all the different access options (including SMS verification) for a variety of clients. Since we’ve started using the Captive Portal via InControl2, we have seen leading industry results over any other vendors systems we’ve worked previously with, I still standby what I wrote here earlier this year

@Joey_van_der_Gaag has you also on the right track if you wish to perusing the MAC address side, though this option will required a large amount of ongoing administrative work as people come and go and they get new devices.

Upgrade the router to the latest firmware (if not already done) and give the content filtering a go first, do not over complicate what you can most likely solve easily.

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Marcus :slight_smile:

dear all EXPERTS!!!
can wait to show my business partner all the GREAT and AMAZING information you guys have share with us!! will DEFENTLY keep you guys updated with our “bit torrent user/users” issue of my client’s renters.

Many blessings your way! and THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!
You guys ROCK!!!

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I think the issue here is there’s no good reason to block all torrents,
but the individual abuser should be identified and talked to.

NEW information AND PLEASE i need your expertize:

The “possible” abuser (the one that the owner suspects it is) uses a UBIQUITI NANO STATION

Are you a human?

to pick up the “wifi signal” from OUR access points located in the “mobile home park” and than it brings the wifi signal INSIDE (the abuser mobile home wireless router). OUR question is …will the MAC ADDRESS be seen through the PEP LINK?


Will we be able to tell/know/find out the mac addresses that are BEHIND THE UBIQUITY NANO STATION that is picking OUR signal from OUR access points in the mobile park and RE-BROADCASTING to another wireless router inside the abuser’s home, will we be able to see those devices mac addresses? OR will Ubiquity Nano station will show BIT TORRENT TRAFFIC through PEP LINK? if so… do we need to add the MAC address of the Ubiquiti Nano Station in the PEP LINK CONTROLLER?

Thank you SO so much IN ADVANCE!!!


The Nano Station is probably in station (Bridge) mode, so you should be able to see individual ip and Mac address. If the device is running on routed (NAT) mode, then you’ll only see traffic coming out from single ip and Mac, which belongs to the device WAN. -Kevin

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