Bit-torrent routing

Now i use persistence algorithm for outbound balance policy for all protocols, because i use many apps for live video-streaming (NOT youtube, but special iOS apps).
I have seen that in active sessions, router recognize bit-torrent links, but i cant find a bit-torrent protocol type in outbound routing policy.

Also, I want to understand, how to route bit-torrents over all WANs and keep the persistence for http, ftp, and video streaming.

There is no protocol type for bit-torrent. Fyi, bit-torrent could use random ports. It may use TCP 80 and TCP 443.

bit-torrent will use random ports. There is no perfect way to do this at the moment.

But in the active sessions, system recognize bit torrent sesions someway!

Yes, the system can recognize it. Anyway, we support layer 3 and layer 4 load balance only at the moment. You may configure Outbound Policy as below. In normal situation, bit torrent should use higher port numbers if those ports are not being blocked.

  1. HTTP
  • Algorithm = Persistence
  1. FTP
  • Algorithm = Persistence
  1. Video Streaming (please ensure you know the port numbers)
  • Algorithm = Persistence
  1. HTTPS
  • Algorithm = Persistence
  1. Default Rule
  • Default Rule = Custom
  • Algorithm = Weighted Balance
  • Load Distribution Weight = 10 for each WAN

Hope this help.

Hi. is it something new in routing bit-torrent?

I see that all outgoing connections are made fro port 63211 with UDP protocol.
Just imagine that I have many PCs in LAN, with random ip, how could I make rule for outgoing policy to route all outgoing connections from Protocol UDD, random IP, Random destination IP, with source port 63211 to route thru specific WAN?

I have attached my rule, that doesnt really work

Hi countryman,

Thank you for corresponding via PM to provide additional information related to this. As we had discussed, please open a support ticket to better allow us to assist.

Thanks again countryman.