Bind firewall rule to WAN interface


I would like to know if we can bind some firewall rule to certain WAN and some other rules to other WAN?
For example, I have 3 WAN connections.

WAN 1. WiFi
WAN 3. Satellite

The system is configured to use WAN 1 as first priority , WAN 2 as second priority and WAN 3 as third priority

If WAN 1 is active, nothing should be blocked
If WAN 2 is active, only video streaming and P2P should be blocked
If WAN 3 is active, everything should be blocked except port 25 and 110 to a single destination public IP

All computers are connected by LAN, all computers are in the same network/subnet
All user must not required to login (no captive portal).
every computer connected must be subjected to these rules, no exception.

Is this scenario possible with Peplink product?


You would have to build several outbound policy rules, but yes - it is possible to do.

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You might try the Outbound Rules as discussed in the post below:

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