BGP routes filtering

We have a BGP configuration between a b1350 and a Palo Alto firewall and routes are being exchanged.

The Palo Alto is sharing 109 routes with the 1350 but the BGP status shows “Routes: 101 of 108” which suggests that the 1350 is filtering some of those routes. Is there a way to see the whole list of received routes that BGP see’s before it filters the list?


Can I confirm the filtering for Route Import is enabled? Can you help to open ticket for us to take a closer look?


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@james.webster1, I believe if there are more than 101 routes, BGP status page only show the first 101 routes. “Routes: 101 of 108” means there are 108 routes received from BGP peer.

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Thanks TK.
I understand from the ticket that it is to prevent the device crashing if it shows too many routes on the screen in one go. Could it be looked at to be able to use the web-cli/SSH access to be used to list all the routes learned by BGP or a page based status view that allows all routes to be seen in the gui (but only loading 100 results a time. Being able to confirm that the device has learned a particular route/prefix becomes harder if not all learned routes are shown.


Also in addition to the learned routes if the view is being improved could the ability to see AS-Path, Local-Preference, MED also be added.

It would also/alternatively be great if this could be seen via IC2 or via one of the API (local or IC2) if that makes it easier to make the info available.

Thanks and this is well noted. I will convey to this to the engineering team.