BGP question in deployment

Hi Team and Forum Members,

I know this is not usual and with SpeedFusion not necessary in most cases. With that said, I have a client that needs to keep their BGP routers involved in the network. When they insert a Peplink 380 in Drop-In Mode between the local BGP router and the BGP neighbor, the BGP connection will not be made. Has anyone successfully done this in the past or know why this can not be done? I believe the Peplink will change the MAC address but not the payload. This may be the issue but i am not sure.

Any insight is greatly appreciated ASAP as i have to help with an install this Saturday.

Thank you

After discussing this with Mike we determined it would be best to place the local BGP router on the outside of the Balance. The local BGP router is an MPLS router and it will still be the default gateway for the LAN clients. This way BGP will work and not interfere with the drop-in mode deployment.