BGP feature

Does Fusionhubs support OSPF and BGP peering with devices outside of the Speedfusion environment?

Yes it does.

does not require adding additional WAN IP address?

I am configuring SF between BRI and SF Hub, but when trying to create BGP neighbor beside VPN SF on the SF hub side, BGP feature does not exist

Suggest a network diagram might help explain what you want to achieve.
BGP is certainly supported on the WAN.

You can’t do BGP over SpeedFusion yet though… (see here for Feature request)

thanks for the quick answer boss,
I have configured SF VPN via IC but the routers do not take the configurations from IC. any idea?

Weird. Are they otherwise showing as green and online in IC2? Can you get to them via IC2 using Remote Web admin?

they are online and I can remote web admin but IC does not push the configurations towards the spokes, plus IC does push to the Fusion hub only