BGP Community Support please

HI,We have a use case where there are two subnets being advertised from a customer site (Corp, Guest). We need to announce only one of the subnets (Corp) via EBGP to the customer HQ.
The customer has hundreds of Pepwave sites, which means we have to maintain an EBGP filtering policy based on prefixes.
In order to avoid having to maintain that list, we would normally originate the Guest prefixes with the well-known BGP community “no-export”. (please see rfc1997)

Can you add support for BGP communities?


Balance respects “no-export” community and not forward the route. It doesn’t work in your setup?

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Hi Kenny,

I didn’t communicate this properly. Apologies.

We nee to add communities to the prefixes when they are announced by he Balance. So we need to set the community on the Balance.

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Please open a support ticket and we will continue the support through ticket.

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