Beware of what information you enter into a support ticket

I opened a support ticket on a problem with OpenVPN that I’m having. Support replied back that they needed my openVPN credentials and permission to Remote Assist. Thinking that their ticketing system was secure, I provided the credentials.

About 5 minutes later I received an email of the support ticket - the entire thread - that included my username and password credentials for OpenVPN.

I contacted my VPN provider, who had to re-create a new set of credentials - which means I had to go back and touch each of my devices.

Know that anything you enter into the support ticketing system will be sent out over the Internet via email.


That’s a good point. I’m weary of sending anything via email.

That said, I sent in a diagnostic report which came back via email as attachment.

Hopefully these are digitally signed to avoid any third party from inspecting it.

I figure the diagnostic report would contain a lot of data I would not publicly share. Maybe not. Perhaps Peplink team can comment further.

I just updated my profile on the ticket system to not send conversation updates via email. Only ticket status update.

That should be a best practice :wink:

Thanks to both of you for the heads up.

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