Better WiFi as WAN roaming/control


The existing roaming seems to require both the same SSID and AP channel be used, meaning one cannot set a signal threshold for WiFi as WAN to connect to a stronger signal SSID/AP when WiFi signal is low/weak.

Use case:
Ability to set a signal threshold (kind of like you can on the cellular details page but allow a number to be entered). For example, set a Threshold of -70, if connected to a SSID/AP that had a signal of -78 but there is a SSID/AP available with a signal of -40, it should automatically switch to the SSID/AP with the signal of -40. It should also take into account the priority of SSIDs as they can currently be ordered as well as first try to find an AP that meets the settings under the same SSID before trying a different SSID. For example, if there are are two SSIDs with better signal within the allowable signal threshold, it would pick the one that is currently dragged and dropped as the higher priority. Or perhaps even add a second option to let the user select whether if there are two SSIDs with signal within threshold whether it should pick the one with the best signal or go by the priority list. Maybe that is even better! Also, if there are no SSIDs/APs available that meet the signal threshold then treat the interface as down until it automatically scans and finds a network that is within tolerance. It should be able to do all of this regardless of channel (i.e. it can scan and switch to SSIDs/APs on different channels).

The issue is if I am actively moving or even move once from point a to point b, the signal to the presently connected SSID/AP may degrade and become weak due to the increased distance. In testing another manufacturer’s WiFi as WAN implementation, it is pretty straight forward: I can set a signal level threshold, if breached it will look for another AP with the same SSID and if there is no AP with the same SSID that has a signal in tolerance/range it switches to a different SSID that has signal in tolerance/range, and if there is none, it remains disconnected/treats the interface as down until it scans and finds a working network to connect to. SSIDs can be ordered by priority and Aps can be on different channels too.

Two examples of why the existing roaming option which requires same SSID and APs on the same channel does not work well:

  1. For two totally different WiFi networks (different SSIDs) you would NOT want them on the same channel because of possible interference
  2. I use a city-wide/regional WiFi network and even though that is the same network (same SSID) the APs are on varying channels due to localized interference in certain areas (i.e they have been adjusted / optimized for their specific install location due to other non-associated networks using the channel they would normally use)

Thank you for consideration in adding this feature

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