Beta 6.1.2 will be available for tests?

topic as it says

6.1.2 will be a general release so there probably will not be a beta version released.

hm, have long awaited web management via IC2. Do you know what is the time frame?

Can you elaborate more on “web management via IC2” and your expectation? Thanks.

Hm its in the announcements already, here is new features rolled out today:

What’s New
2.0.16 - Mar 7, 2014

  • Remote web admin access

but now removed.

we are preparing some illustration for better understanding and description of this feature that would expect come with 6.1.2 which we are working on it. Currently, we can’t provide the definite timeframe but should be in Q2.

good, thanks!

when is the 6.1.1 will be available for SOHO and Balance 380?