Best way to speed up UBR-LTE?

I’ve found that swapping a WAN connection from a UBR-LTE to a Balance 20x showed marked improvement in throughput. I was measuring 20-50Mb/s with the UBR and I see 30-90Mb/s with the b20x simply by moving the ethernet WAN from one unit to the other.

The UBR is rated for 120Mb/s stateful firewall throughput but just watching the processor capacity gauge shows that the UBR is bogging down doing only 30-40Mb/s through the unit.
I’ve turned off all pepvpn and speedfusion connections. I’ve disabled all the outbound policies.

I’d like some suggestions about how to make the UBR as fast as possible from one of the cellular radios to one of the ethernet LAN ports. Basically just setup as a cellular modem. No other features are needed.

+1 as I also get pretty miserable throughput through the UBR-LTE, but I’ve just sucked it up since I can’t find a higher performance device with features similar to SpeedFusion, etc.