Best Verizon option with the Surf SOHO

I have been having issues with my old Cradlepoint MBR router so I have ordered a Surf SOHO device. I currently use a pantech UML 295 USB modem but was looking at upgrading that as well. I understand the new router will work with either a USB modem or tether to a mifi/jetpack type of device. I was thinking of switching to the U620L USB modem or possibly one of the jetpack devices like the AC791L or the 6620L. I was worried about the durability and longevity of the jetpack devices over the usb modem. I do not need the portability of the mifi since it will always stay tethered. I am just using it for a home network but do have several devices connecting. I am merely looking for advice on which modem I should choose. Any advice on the best option? Thanks.

If you can cancel/return the Surfo SOHO, an arguably better option would be the MAX BR1 Mini. For roughly the price of the Surfo SOHO plus a good USB modem/jetpack, you get a Pepwave router with an integrated SIM card/LTE modem, which is designed to be on all the time (USB modems and jetpacks are not, as you hinted at above). I’m using a non-mini and it’s fantastic. It also allows you to specify which LTE band(s) it’s allowed to connect to; for me, this is a huge boon, as B13 is garbage in my area, and with it locked to B4, I get ~4x the speeds.

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