Best Verizon Modem to use with peplink balance 580 (circa Sep 2015)?

Hey all – I’m looking to get a new verizon modem to use with the peplink balance 580 – the modem needs to have an interface for connecting an external antenna interface. Does anyone have a recommendation for the best/newest device that is compatible with the Balance products?

I checked the supported modem page to find the list of compatible verizon modems – but it doesn’t help figure out which products are best …

Many thanks,

I have a Balance One, but perhaps can provide a few comments.

I have used 3 different 4620 Jetpacks and 1 5510. I found them all very temperamental. Sometimes OK, often slow and laggy. I tried using them via WIFI (for example using a Surf On The Go) as well as wired directly with USB. Further, only the 4620 had an external antenna port.

I have had much better luck with USB modems. I have used both the Pantech UML290 and the UML295. I found both are a great improvement over the jetpacks, and both have antenna ports. I find the UML295 is the more stable of the two.

There is a new verizon USB modem that supports xLTE and is at least supported by peplink in their beta firmware. It is the U620L. However, I have not been able to find much in the way of reviews at this time. However, I may just give it a try and see how it goes.

Hope this helps.