Best Starlink Backup eSIM or SIM


I am wondering if we can share knowledge which is the best SIM card used for Starlink backup, while use Starlink on board ships, mainly we need consider backup for below countries.

China: there is a CM Link SIM card in Singapore provide high roaming data in China, which local SIM will not work as most internet was blocked.
South Africa:
Russia (i guess most ship will not go to Russia now)

Above should be the main marine hotspots where presently no Starlink service. Any eSIM covers those country at good price?

Hi Jiang

We design customized maritime connectivity solutions for our partners. Those optimize performance and minimize downtime. We achieve this by leveraging a hybrid approach, combining cutting-edge technologies to create a robust and efficient system.

  • Hybrid Technology Advantages
    *Dedicated Local SIMs: Enhance network handover and bandwidth by strategically deploying local SIM cards for frequently visited countries.
  • Advanced Connectivity Management:
    *Smart Modem Allocation
    *Comprehensive Platform Monitoring
    *eSIM Pusher (Q3 Release)
  • Scalable Connectivity Products
    *Local SIM cards
    *Roaming SIM cards
    *Crew Connectivity Solutions

The most important thing to know is that you can disable networks, so we can make a tailored proposition for all the countries you mentioned.
You are always free to contact me at [email protected] if you want to discuss the possibilities.

Kind regards,
Ramses van der Wielen

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Hello Jiang,

There is “best in price”, “best in coverage”, “best in latency”, “best in management” etc…

We offer multiple solutions that adapt per country, we can offer local ones in some cases. Drop us a message with your needs at [email protected] if you want us to look into it.


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Hello Jiang,

We’re well versed in this space as well - we have local contacts as well as in-house Chinese reps to assist with this.

There are as the both Venn and Ramses mentioned a lot of different ways of supplying services here.

We do both eSIM and FusionSIM systems that are made for Marine Deployment globally.

Feel free to reach out - [email protected]

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I have a slightly different question in the same vein as what Jiang asked … I have customers that are global cruisers. They use Starlink as their primary WAN but also use HD Dome(s) as a secondary WAN. When cruising from country to country throughout the waters of the USA, Caribbean, Latin America, South Pacific or the Med, it would be great to have a more international SIM or eSIM solution to avoid having to go ashore and purchase local data SIM’s. US customers have been able to use services like Google Fi data only SIM that supports international roaming to solve the problem. But for European or Latin America customers cruising internationally, how would they approach the same issue?

Ahoy Gary,

We offer both local SIMs and FusionSIMs from almost any country in the world (Or roaming SIMs that work in these).

Obviously with FusionSIM it requires the receiving end to be online - but if your clients have Starlink already, we can pre-load SIMs before they arrive locally.

Let me know if you’re looking for a solution and we can assist.


Thanks Nik. Where can I learn more?

Send me an email [email protected] or our general email [email protected]

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thanks all, i think we may have to use SIM with cheapest roaming charge. India local SIM can not work with Peplink router for some reason.

and if i need enable roaming for specific country only, how to put the country code in the cellular settings.

HI Jiang,

The roaming features would depend on the SIM Card.
You can enable roaming based on certain countries.

Enable by allowed countries only to choose what countries to include.


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yes, but what is country code, it always gives error for 2nd country.



It does indeed looks like there’s a bug?

No matter what, the last digit is invalid.

@TK_Liew @Ting_Xuan_Ng @Surianajiha_Kamarudi

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@Jiang_Lin @Captain_Nik, those values are not MCC (Mobile Country Codes). Please refer here - to get the MCC for the country you need.


Hello @Captain_Nik,

As an example, you need to change:
61 to 505 (Australia)
64 to 530 (New Zealand)

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Learning something new everyday!

I had honestly never used this feature, and assumed (as Jiang did) the country codes.
So used to running global roaming SIM cards that don’t need this stuff setup :smiley:

Thanks Marcus