Best solution to live stream outside

We want to stream live events in 720p to Facebook Live and other services using wirecast. Would the best solution be the Pepwave Max, would that bond and using speed fusion allow us to max our upload speed and continue to stream even if one carrier dropped off. I think the required upload speed for 720p is about 3mbps to 4.5mbps so if we used 4 dongles from 4 providers we should acheive this? Any more info would be great. Thanks

I recommend going with the MAX-HD4-LTE product with 4 embedded LTE/3G modems and use our SpeedFusion VPN bonding technology back to a Peplink Balance router located at your HQ or datacenter. Thanks.

Thanks Tim, is there anywhere I can read up and ‘get my head around it!’ I thought I would be ok to just have a multi cell mobile router and send feed straight to facebook or youtube live etc. Not a problem just need to understand how to do it! Thanks Phil


You can refer to the URLs below

Facebook or youtube traffic will route (Bonded) to HQ before reaching to internet.

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