Best SIM card/carrier for Canada

Pepwave MAX BR2 Pro Dual 5G/Cat-20 Mobile Router. Wondering about experience with Bell, Telus or Rogers in Canada.
I had assumed I could just take nano SIM card from Novatel MyFi and put in MAX BR2 Dual 5G/Cat 20…but sounds like Telus will detect a “non Telus device”. Not sure if I can register IMEI of Pepwave router with Telus.
We have Starlink when stationary but not in motion (waiting for larger in motion dish availability in Canada).
Or… is a plan from Peplink with Canada roaming an option?
Any advice on carrier settings for Bell, Telus or Rogers also appreciated.

I have a Balance 20X and Bell cellular service on several phones. Back in January 2023, my ISP had a major outage which led me to add a SIM to the 20X. I wrote down the 20X’s IMEI and called Bell.

Most of the Bell employees who I spoke with (over the phone and in person) said they couldn’t help me but I did finally find one who could. She set me up with what they call a “Tablet Flex 30 day” plan for $10/month and rather expensive data: $10 for usage under 100MB, $20 for 100MB to 500MB, $30 for 500MB to 2GB, $50 for 2GB to 5GB, with additional data over 5 GB at $10/GB. She entered the IMEI, gave me a new SIM card and that was it. I added the SIM to the 20X and it autoconfigured to connect to Bell.

Hope this helps. Does anyone know of cheaper service in Canada (Montréal)?


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I am going through the same problem right now, yet to find someone at Bell that can help, maybe the above information will help me, so thanks.

Has the plan been working out okay for you? My application is for a Peplink BR1 mini, yet to buy, for sailing along the coast of Vancouver.

It’s been fine for me. It’s a reliable complement to my DSL service, which drops out often. The data plan is expensive, so I’ve configured the Balance 20X to only use cellular for essentials (e.g. video calls and meetings).

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