Best service to use

I have the Pepwave MAX BR1 5928 and I’m having trouble finding a good reliable service.
Can anyone tell me what your using and if it’s works good! No dropped equipment. I understand Unlimited is not unlimited BUT SOME ARE BETTER THAN OTHERS.

I bought it as I’m in the US and just sold my home and bought an RV for travel full time. I had to have the flexibility to travel as well as hook up almost 30 devices:
5 Sonos
5 Arlo
5 Alexa
5 Lifx bulbs
WD Mirror and My Notebook
2 Laptops
3 Amazon Fire TV for streaming
Ring doorbell
2 iRobot vacuums
Robot litter box

I’ve tried Unlimited LTE and OTR and they both stink.
Business T-Mobile is not unlimited and just not cost effective.
ARE THERE ANY out there that works?

Do you have an idea of how many GB you use per month?

Also curious what was bad about the OTR service?

Not right now while streaming as I’m home all the time.
OTR went to Boost with T-Mobile upgrade.
First they sent me a bad card. Had to go buy another. Was on chat with them 6 times as it would quit working.
Last guy said it wasn’t compatible with T-Mobile but I bought it from T-Mobile business department. Didn’t make any sense.
If it wasn’t compatible it would have never worked.
Would work 3-18 hours and I couldn’t get it back up.
I got tired of being on chat 3 hours every time troubleshooting. Just paid them 100 and 2 months of 60. Not worth it.

too many variables. first you have no idea of your usage. second, what works in one location/cell tower may not work well elsewhere. some people keep plans with 2-3 carriers/plans. i have even been in places where there is ZERO cell service but thankfully WiFi so I use WiFi as WAN. i have been in places where one carrier is overloaded. etc

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Thanks for your uninsightful response. I’m just asking about SIM card carriers and if you didn’t have a helpful response you could have kept that to yourself!!

Hello and Good Day

First off…UNLIMITED is a marketing ploy. You should just ignore it. Cell phones, jet packs, hotspots, have a data plan. It may be 15, 20, 30, 60 GB. It’s what the carrier offered or you signed up for. Once you hit the cap of the plan, the UP and DOWN speed will change drastically.
We have Verizon and a jet pack from them. The jet pack has a 15 GB limit, We already used it all up this billing cycle. So no streaming Netflix with it. We are now using my iPhone hotspot, it has 30 GB limit. No problem watching Netflix.
Either way, they are the WAN for our Surf soho MK3. Many devices wired and wireless are connected to it. All working pretty good, and nearly perfect.
Also remember this…all cell carriers are getting hammered right now, and may cause some problems. The systems are maxed.

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