Best Range Extenders

Hello, I am looking to see if there is a good range extender that works with the Max BR1 MK2 LTEA router that does NOT require me to run CAT5/6. This is on a motor yacht, and the running of wires on this particular boat is a challenge. Any help would be most appreciated. Don’t really care about the cost as long as I get good speed and I don’t have to run wires.

what do you mean by range extender? WiFi WAN? WiFi LAN? Cellular?

So, let me start by saying that I am new to the Pepwave product, so I apologize for sounding stupid. But I am trying to extend the range of the Wi-Fi onboard the boat that is provided by our Pepwave Max BR1 without having to run wires everywhere if possible. The boat itself has a lot of thick bulkheads and such that the signal gets lost in various parts of the vessel. Does that help?

personally i’d run a wire and have another access point. i have worked on tough boats and you can almost always find a way to pull a wire.


If you have mesh capability on that Max BR1 MK2 LTEA, you could pick up another Peplink AP and configure a quick mesh network if you don’t want to run wires(you will still need power). Here’s the screen so you can see if your device supports mesh. I personally haven’t used the new mesh technology, but I used the old WDS Peplink technology that predated mesh and it worked well for extending connectivity to my garage for my cars. I did ultimately replace it with a wire, but I ran it for several months using WDS and it worked great.

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