Best practices for Outbound Policies (Whatssap as an example)

Hi All,

I am currently trying to tweak the traffic going in and out through our system.

The system is the following:

1 MBX CAT18 with 2 Cellular Modules being used (8 antennas)
2 x HD1 with SIM injectors which are connected to the WAN ports.

As I experienced, Whatsapp Videocalls have momentary disconnections and sometimes you must restart the call so it connects.

I believe this is caused by the MBX trying to forward the packets on different cellular modules.

I would like to know which kind of Algorithm would you recommend to improve the call, currently using Lowest Latency.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Speedfusion Smoothing

If you want a seamless connection even during a WAN Failover you should pursue SpeedFusion Cloud or SpeedFusion FusionHub. However if you don’t have WANs failing that often, then load balancing based on source to keep each call flowing down a single pipe is probably the simplest solution.