Best place to sell a MAX?

Hello - sorry in advance but I couldn’t find if we are allowed to list a product for sale on these boards?

thx :slight_smile:

why not ebay?

I’ve never sold on eBay and when I tried they won’t allow over $500.

I’m trying to sell a MAX BR1 MK2 (latest model) that was used once.

Anybody know if it’s ok to list here?

what country are you in?

a used mk2 goes on ebay for $250-450 generally (USD)

you can buy it brand new for $550

It’s this one:

Not the older version.

yea you can find it for $250-450 used and $550 new

where have you seen it $550 new?

when asking for pricing from various resellers. some will sell below msrp.

Wow this sucks. As a UK Peplink Partner I can’t buy it from Peplink at anywhere near $550 - let alone sell it to anyone else at that price…

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does peplink require resellers to sell at msrp? most manufacturers do not require that and resellers can se ttheir own prices…

no, but my accountant requires me to charge more for a product when i sell it than I paid for it when I bought it.


I ended up listing on eBay for $500.

Apologies to the mods here, when I didn’t get an answer if I could list for sale on these boards I did so, and they are now removed.