Best place for the max dome mount?

Is it better to mount the dome on top of the mast or low off the stern? Will the movement of the mast offset the height and convenience of the mast mount? Is the stability of the lower stern mount above bimini a better option?

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It depends on many factors.

Just remember that the roll of the vessel will be the same up the mast as at the stern so if you had Domes mounted in bother locations, they would both sway in the same way.

If your stern mast is high enough, the location would make for a nice any easy install.
Installing on the lowest spreaders would give you better range but it can sometimes be very hard to run new ethernet cables to this location.

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I know this is a complicated topic, but in general will installing the dome higher up the mast give longer range? Assuming install isn’t an issue, is there any reason not to put it as high as you can get it?

I think you asked this in your other thread

Think about LoS to cell towers

Think about rocking motion of boats (look at antenna you plan to use polarization)

Think about loss from longer cable run

There are many variables, you must factor them all in for your specific use case…

Okay, so LoS… higher = better, correct?

Polarization… I’m specifically talking about the Max Dome 1/2 here. I am not an expert on this, so that is why I am asking here.

Longer cable run… Based on the last thread I started, the Max Dome 1/2 is designed so that the modem is right next to the antennas so that is not the question here.