Best Peplink wifi router for sailboat (plus antennas)

I am setting up the ability to use Public Wifi + Satellite Phone Data (via USB) and 4G/LTE Sim Card in USA and Europe.
Which Peplink models should I consider? I could use single or double sim cards. And…what marine grade antennas should I consider…hopefully using some combined antenna solutions to minimize the number of antennas onboard.

Thank you.

This topic has come up countless times. Have you reviewed any of the previous threads? I recommend spending some hours reading and acquainting yourself with the hardware, options, etc. Peplink is slated to release a new dome if the dome is the route you are thinking of going, it could be worth waiting. If you want someone to design the system for you, contact a reseller.

Hi Harley_Soltes,

Feel free to submit a sales inquiry here: Sales Inquiry | Peplink Contact so the team can assist further.

It’s difficult to recommend a ‘best’ without further info on your requirements and environment!