Best One for the Job

I’ve been looking at the product offerings and trying to figure out the best solution to meet our needs. We have our main WAN line rated at 300/300Mbps, first failover is 100/100Mbps, along with 3G as a final option. We have an office of 50-70 staff using just data with frequent video conferencing currently and potentially VoIP in the near future. Am I correct in assuming that if we want to utilise the full capabilities of our WANs we’ll need at minimum the 710 series for an office of this small of size? The 710 seems to be for offices of 500-2000 staff which is 10x larger than us at best.

You are correct, if you need to be able to access the full potential of your WAN’s throughput you would need a 710.

Are you frequently maxing out the bandwidth of your connection?