Best Configuration For Case

I have the following case that I am trying to figure out the best solution for.

Connections -

Wifi-WAN on 2.4Ghz - Intermittent quality (Unlimited Data)
Cellular 1 (A) - Better quality but limited data (50GB per month)

I have 2 users, that have the following requirements -

General Use (Low Priority)
Video Calls (High Priority)

I would like the following APs

General AP - Uses Wifi-WAN, but uses Cellular for any temporary drops or bad latency.
Video Conferencing AP - Uses the best latency of either.
Only Wifi-WAN AP - Only uses Wifi WAN, to prevent 2 people saturating the cellular service.

I have done this using outbound policies, but it doesn’t seem to swap between connections until the connection fully drops (instead of just poor performance). I also want to take advantage of Speed fusion to improve the quality, especially the video conferencing AP.

Should I set up multiple PEPVpns?
Do I still need outbound policies with Speedfusion?

What do you mean you want APs?

Very easy to do what you are asking using outbound rules and Speedfusion, I was in the same situation. You can have entire devices or specific services/protocols use Speedfusion Smoothing, etc,

My recommendation would be to purchase a standalone AP if you are going to utilize the main peplink device with WiFi-WAN.

This will give you the best performance and reliability.

My main goal is to have one access point (AP), that combines both the cellular and Wifi connection and I want to always have traffic sent over the connection with the best latency.

For example, if the cellular service has the best quality, but for some reason starts going slow for few minutes, it will use the other connection until the cellular service goes back to good quality.

Its my understanding that the outbound rule that uses latency, is on a per session basis.

I don’t understand how this relates to my issue of combining multiple connections into one to always have the best performance.

do you mean SSIDs?

why not just use outbound rules based on device or protocol/server?


I currently have an outbound policy that is set to Lowest Latency. Would that route data over which ever connection has the lowest latency continuously depending on the current latency of the service?

Your conflating many different concepts and terms in these posts.

Your main goal is to have “one access point that combines both cellular and wifi-connections” - access points don’t aggregate WAN connections - routers do that.

Segregated wireless networks are not called “AP’s” - they’re called SSID’s. Yes an AP itself can be the boundary of a given SSID but theyre not apples to apples.

Im telling you that if you buy a single peplink router to handle not only the upstream cellular and wifi-wan AND also act as your client-side wireless network - you will not get the best performance nor reliability. The statement absolutely relates to your question as outlined in the original post.

When I said access points, I did meant SSID. I was not trying to confuse the situation I just didn’t know there was such a huge difference between the two.

The Peplink router I have is the Pepwave MAX Transit duo, and I have setup outbound policies to route the traffic.

My main question was about combining Cellular and a Wifi-Wan connections so that traffic would always be routed through the connection with the lowest latency for users connected to a specific SSID.

For our needs we are fine having the peplink handle the client side wireless network, we are more concerned about intermittent drops of any of the individual connections, and the ability for the others to compensate.

I stand by my comments.

When the Max Transit Duo is being used for wifi-wan - configuring to also provide client wifi will result in intermittent drops - specifically between the client-facing SSID and the client. There is only 1 wifi chipset and setting it to service both use cases is fraught with issues.

Every time there is an blip with the wifi-wan connection the clientside wifi will drop.