Best cellular antenna strategy

I have an HD2 and plan to use two Wilson 301103 multi-band cellular antennas, one for each of the sim cards (Verizon and AT&T). The router will be mounted inside a computer rack and inside an SUV. What do you guys recommend for the second antenna for each of the cards? The Wilson antenna is high-gain so I thought I’d throw up a unity-gain antenna as either the primary or the secondary but I’m not sure there’s much value in this.

I would just recommend to use four of those Wilson antennas, two for each modem. Otherwise you could look for a MIMO antenna that already has two leads for the cellular connection, but these tend to be much pricier.

Thanks for the pointer to the MIMO antennas. The price isn’t really an issue but I’m just not clear on how, for cellular, they differ substantially from two multi-band antennas. Any insight?

Perhaps I don’t understand the role of an auxiliary antenna but it wouldn’t seem to add value to use an identical antenna. It would seem like one should use either a high-gain and low-gain pair or a pair covering two different bands (e.g., 700-900 and 1700-2100).


The Aux antenna is for MIMO. Both primary and auxiliary use high gain antennas will make the device get the MIMO throughput easily.

Both antennas have to be in the same band otherwise it cannot get the MIMO throughput.

Thanks and regards.

Ok, after a bit more reading on MIMO I get it now. Thanks! The two-antenna (per card) solution seems like the way to go.