Best 3g router

Hi Everyone.
i need to improve my upload speed.
i need to try and get 10mb up from combined 3/4G.
i am a photographer who shoots fashionshows in lots of countries.
there is always 3g and sometimes wifi.

theres never any time to set anything up.
the other problem is that if i plug dongles into the back they will get snapped off in minutes.
if i have three or 4 phones setup on hotspot with or without usb connections will the 30 router see them as wifi networks and combine them.

or do i need to look 2000 bucks for the peplink max.

what would be great is a router with 6 sim slots that works on battery, 12 volt preferably.

is there anything like that…


i am maybe being a bit dense

Our Pepwave MAX HD2 supports 2x SIM card and allows you to connect to a battery using the terminal block power input. You will also need to add another Peplink Balance device at your destination site.

For more details, you can contact us at the sales team and we may be able to refer you to your local representative.