Bell Network Canada - Pepwave UBR Rugged LTE-A

Having Issues connecting a Canadian Bell SIM card to on a Pepwave UBR Rugged LTE-A.
Peplink stays on the “Obtaining IP” step.
Spoke to Bell support time for some time and they cant identify the root cause. Does the peplink device need to go through an approval process with a Carrier such as Bell before they will allow connection perhaps ?

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The ‘Obtaining IP’ message is nearly always caused by one of two things. Either the SIM has not been activated or the service needs a custom APN. Assuming the SIM has been activated and works in a phone or MIFI then you might just need to manually enter the APN details.

A search online suggests these details are:
APN: with no username or password.

Suggest you try entering the custom APN to see if that helps.


Thanks for the response Martin, much appreciated.
I changed the APN to and its connecting now.
Thanks for your help.

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Actually, the connection has now dropped off again. Even when the cellular was showing connected it wasn’t connecting to our Azure Fusionhub. Its back showing, Obtaining IP Address now. We have 2 Omni 291 antennas fitted so reception shouldnt be an issue.

Hmm. Could this be the issue?

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