Basics on the Peplink Balance 30

Just received a Peplink Balance 30. I have 2 AT&T DSL Routers. (not Uverse). Both are Netopia 3000 with WiFi. What is the basic setup for configuring both to run on the the Peplink 30? The manual doesn’t discuss if you have 2 of the same exact modem/routers. I won’t to deploy in a week. Thank in advance for you help.


It is mostly plug and play. You just need to ensure the WAN IPs are unique when connected to the balance.


I am no pro, but if you deploy as plug and play, I think you will end up with double nat. I am using 3 ATT DSL lines with Netgear DM111P modems. They come configured with DHCP on. I set each one up in “bridge” mode to turn off DHCP, assigned static IP addresses io each modem, and then set up the Bal 30 to do PPoE. I would turn off wireless on one of the modems as well.

If the modems are capable of bridged mode and you connect them PPoE to the Balance. The Balance will receive the Public IP’s which would eliminate the double NAT. If they are Dynamic Public IP’s as well you can even setup a unique DYNDNS hostname to each WAN to essentially make them “Static”.