Basic Question about the web interface

I’m not sure if this question is dependent on model number so I didn’t include in topic. But my model is the newer cat 18 MAX.

When the ‘WAN CONNECTION STATUS’ (on the dashboard) shows a connecting status for a cell interface, what would a trailing ‘R’ mean when attempting to lock an IP? Does this mean ‘roaming’, like some traditional devices, or does it represent ‘restricted’ as in there is something wrong with the SIM/account?

I’m sorry I tried reading as many documents as possible but could not come up with a documented answer in a reasonable amount of time. Would someone mind cluing me in?

Thanks in advance!

you could paste a screenshot here so we can check but it is most likely roaming.

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If it is the “R” in this image, it means that you are roaming.
Screenshot 2020-05-23 at 01.07.15

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I see. So anytime I see this symbol, I am unable to lock an IP. Does that mean there is a configuration setting that is telling device to not connect when roaming? I’ve tried both with and without the ‘roaming setting’

this setting is ‘international’ roaming I assume because it only lists countries from the drop down menu.

Also how can device be roaming, all of a sudden, if its works for weeks in exact same location with no problems?

You would need to enable roaming in the cellular details window for the modem to connect when roaming to other networks.

Something has changed. A failed tower, or a new one. Check your signal strength on InControl2 for when it was working and now when its not - any difference?

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well as I suspected for my situation; there was an issue with the account in question as the plan was cancelled. So for me, roaming effectively means ‘restricted’ and I have yet to experience different behavior. There appears to be some disjoint between the expected behavior and the nomenclature. Maybe in the future, a tech doc could sort all this out?