Basic Connection to VPN

Maybe this is a simple question, but I could not find any documentation on the peplink site on how I can use my new router to connect to a VPN. I purchased the router (surf soho) to get more privacy but I cannot see how to hook it up.

I currently have a service provider router and I want to add the surf soho router to my home and leave the service provider in place. How can I hook it up so I get more privacy? Thanks for any help you can provide?

Internet ----- (Service Provider Router) --------- (Surf Soho) --------- (my devices)

I think it is like this, but what settings do I need to change on the Surf Soho and what ports do things plug into?


Can you elaborate more on the VPN connection you need? I can advice better after I have a better understanding on this.

Yes, I would like to establish secure communications between my computer and the VPN service provider. I do not want my Internet service provider to have access to my information. I want to increase my privacy.


I assume service provider router will assigns IP automatically. So your connection will be like this.

Internet <— Service Provider Router <— (WAN) Surf Soho (LAN) <— Your device

Some settings need to fine tune below.

  1. Deny Inbound access
  • Advanced > Access Rules > Inbound Firewall Rules > Default > Action = Deny