Banking services featuring SpeedFusion™


  • A financial institution in South East Asia.
  • Provide various banking services within the region.
  • Currently have numerous branch offices and sub-branch offices with a large ATM network.


  • Replace connections from ATM to HQ, with LTE. One single VSAT connection previously used was expensive and not the most reliable.
  • Dual LTE connections required from branches to the HQ.
  • Remote management to increase uptime and minimize downtime.
  • Secure and seamless connectivity across the entire network.


  • Balance 710 would be deployed at the central HQ.
  • This large enterprise device supports multiple WAN connections including ethernet and USB WAN to provide consistent connectivity.
  • The existing core switch and LAN devices can be connected to the Balance 710 without any throughput restrictions, providing up to 2.5Gbps.
  • The MAX HD2 would be selected for the branches.
  • This device has 2 built-in cellular LTE modems, allowing bandwidths to be bonded or used as a failover backup line.
  • Featuring built-in 4-port GE LAN switch and dual-band Wi-Fi, reducing clutter and providing connectivity to wired devices.
  • MAX BR1 Classic would be used at the ATMs.
  • This single LTE modem device with redundant SIM slots can provide seamless Hot Failover to the backup VSAT connection, ensuring connectivity is always available.
  • With the use of Peplink’s InControl 2 cloud-based SD-Wan network management configuration, you can monitor and manage the entire configuration. As the data is highly confidential, this would be self-hosted by the end-user (ICVA).

Devices deployed