Bandwith issue with balance one core!



I have a peplink balance one core and my internet speed is 1gig in download and 50 Mbps in Upload. When I do a speedtest (att speedtest,, rogers speedtest) I cannot get the speed I mentionned above. I used a mac and it is connected with an ethernet cable to the router.

Can someone help me please.

Thanks in anticipation.



you did read the specs right? the max is 600 mbps

what are you getting? so many variables



May I ask what speed you do get?

The Balance One Core supports throughput up to 600 Mbps ( so anything more than that would be unexpected.

It is also good to keep in mind that the speed tests using external test servers are subject to whatever constraints they encounter on all the connections between you and the server. That may (or may not) be relevant to your tests. Furthermore, how you run your speedtest may matter - standalone app, as a browser app, as a connection to a site, etc.

For instance, we have one (currently idle) server connecting via a 1.5 Gbps router to the world. And yet (accessed on Safari) gives us a result of 680/230 Mbps (down/up), accessed as an app gives us 750/480, and (in Safari) gives us 99/73 (!).

Lots of variables in other words.



Hi Zegor_mjol,
Hi Mystery,

Thanks for your reply. I got 302/30 Mbps (Down/up). I didn’t even get 600/50 Mbps. If I connected a pc directly to the modem, I got 1Gbps/50 Mpbs.