Bandwith capped to 30-40Mbps with Max Transit Duo

When I use the Pepwave Max Transit Duo it is capping the incoming WAN signal.
I have a 500Mbps fiber connected to the Pepwave.
I have a Speedfusion Cloud connection. All traffic is send to the SFC.

Same is on other locations at my customers. One has a 1000Mbs, an other a 200 Mbps. line
When connecting the Max transit the speed is capped at 30-40Mbps when doing a speedtest on a computer that is connected on the LAN from Pepwave.

Why is it capping?

Transit Duo is rated for 60Mbps of encrypted VPN throughput or 100Mbps unencrypted.

Raw WAN to LAN speed rating is 400Mbps.


I get 30-40Mbps, so that’s a bit lower than the specs you give.
I’m a bit of a noob with IT.
Is this the situation:
With bonding it lowers the average to the max VPN throughput. I have a 500Mbps line plus 2 4G simcards but this will be maxed to 60Mbps over the VPN tunnel.
So is it better to set it up as a failover to use the raw WAN speed (no problem if the max of that is 400Mbps) and only switch to the 2 4G sim cards when necessary?

True and this could do with a little investigation

So the transit duo has three throughput ratings:

Raw routing throughput - how much bandwidth it can push through itself (Between the Wired wan and LAN + 4G connections and LAN) this number is 400Mbps

Encrypted VPN @ 60Mbps and unencrypted VPN @ 100Mbps - this is how much bandwidth it can encapsulate in a tunnel like that used for speedfusion cloud (with with or without encryption). I think Speedfusion cloud is unencrypted actually, but either way you should be able to get more throughput than the 30-40mbps you are seeing.

For raw bandwidth yes. What I would likely do though is use load balanced / failover direct over the wired (and 4G) wans for general internet traffic and then send important stuff (ie VoIP / video conferencing etc) over speedfusion cloud.