Bandwidth usage graphs - interpreting the timeline axis

When I look at the bandwidth usage history graphs, there is one graph point per unit (e.g., one per hour for the hourly graph).

What is the time interval for the data point?

I.e., if the x axis point is 10:00 (as below) and the y axis value is 3828 MB, does that represent a usage of 3828 MB for the period ending on, centered or or starting with 10:00?

I.e., 3828 MB for 9-10? For 9:30-10:30? For 10-11? Or for some other period?

Please advise.


Hourly bandwidth usage refer to the usage for the listed hours.

For example:

10:00 Download 2470 MB, Upload 812MB Total: 3282MB

This actually represent the usage between 10.00-11.00

11.00 Download 2414MB, Upload 526MB Total: 2940MB

This actually represent the usage between 11.00-12.00

Thank You

Thanks for the swift reply.