Bandwidth Throttle

Just reached 15gig with Verizon and now I’m at a crawl. Funny they call it “throttling” when you go from 50mbit to 0.6mbit

I thought it wouldn’t be throttled in the Pepwave? Any help to get around this?

VZW is pretty strict when it comes to usage caps and throttling. Even their business LTE data plans meant for routers do this.

What sort of plan is this? Are you using hotspot? The TTL can theoretically be adjusted to show as on-device data vs. “hotspot” data.

This is a normal Verizon line with unlimited data. I am using it in the pepwave max transit.

What would the TTL be set to?

TTL 64 should register as on-device data.

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So set this?


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Once you hit your data cap. that’s it, the speed is reduced drastically. And remember…the word unlimited is a marketing ploy. I got out of a contract with Verizon because the hotspot I was using (tethered to Surf soho) could not provide upload speed. Of course they blamed the coverage in my area, totally BS.
So anyway I now have AT&T 100 GB plan, average download 28, average upload 6 that’s good enough for what we do.
And when you hit the cap they add more GB (you pay for) and do not throttle down speed.

There is throttling and deprioritization. Your plan probably clearly lays out that you will be throttled down to that slower speed. So you shouldn’t be suprised?

I’ve never really been a rule follower, if you are, then good on ya.

The entire idea of these type of devices is emulate the phone itself and not the hotspot, so we shouldn’t be satisfied with the throttling etc.

If not, why not just use your phone as a hotspot and save the hundreads of $$?

Dont know the point you are trying to make. Again, you signed up for a plan, you should know up front before signing up, what speeds and caps there are, to complain after the fact, is unproductive. Find a different provider or plan if it does not suit your needs.

That’s right. Any luck with that?

Also, can you confirm this a phone plan and not a data-only plan?

Yes mbrook, you’re awesome!

That is really good news that it worked! Are you not throttled at all now?

Remains to be seen, i am traveling for the next 3 weeks so i can test. So far so good

Got to 50gb and then throttled to 1mbps which may mean I’m on a busy tower. Traveling from Orlando to Sarasota tomorrow so will test there.