Bandwidth Reports don't show devices name anymore on mac address hover. Just vendor:apple

Pepwave Surf Soho MK3, Firmware 7.02

In previous firmwares, hovering on the mac address of a device in the bandwidth reports showed the “name” of the device. Something like “Jon’s iPad” or “Kids iPod Touch.”

Now it just says “vendor:apple” which is completely useless when trying to track down who in my family downloaded something large.

Was this done on purpose and if so can we get the functionality back?

In previous firmware, hostname info should shown when you hover to IP address fields (Client bandwidth Usage). Anyway this had been removed due to the some conflict for the info display when the IP address is assigned/released to multiple devices.

We will improving the bandwidth report in the future firmware release to include the hostname info. As for now, no estimate time arrival for this feature improvement.

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