Bandwidth reduction in each modem when active together in bonded SpeedFusion

I am uploading video using the Pepwave MAX 700, firmware 5.4.7. build 1941, with 3 USB modems with SpeedFusion to bonded the modems. All incoming and outgoing is routed to the Speedfusion link. On the other side I have a Peplink Balance 580 with one WAN port using a symmetric 100Mbps business broadband connection.

When I use 1 4G LTE modem, bandwidth achieved for upload in the region of 4Mbps to 6Mbps.

When I use 2 modems each with different service provider, the 4G LTE modem drops the bandwidth to only 0.5Mbps to 2Mbps.

How can I achieve max bandwidth with each modem?


Hi Jeffrey

Are all 3 of your links 4G/LTE?

If you have different connection speeds, the Peplink will “slow down” some traffic in order to receive packets correctly at the other unit.

You can try to change the Wan Connection Priorities in your SpeedFusion configuration and give a higher priority to faster links. This way you can “group” connections to get the better speed with your faster connections, and still have the automatic failover to the slower connections.