Bandwidth monitoring on BR1

Is there any way to list the bandwidth used by MAC address instead of IP address???

IP address is crazy, as most clients are on DHCP, so potentially you might point the finger at the wrong person, simply because they have taken over the dhcp lease of the real culprit. The monitoring needs to be by MAC address as its the only statistic that links to the physical device.

Is there a solution for this?



Bandwidth monitoring is done via IP address not MAC address. The default DHCP lease time is 1 day, I suppose you could make that longer if you wanted. You could also assign a static DHCP reservation as well, that way the same MAC address will always get the same IP address.

OK well at least I guess you see the issue, and how flawed this is. Put everyone on a reservation??? Thats not a solution buddy - thats a mess.

I will put this to the dev team via the partner pavilion as a feature request.


Hi Mike, another option would be to click on the Client List where you will see IP address, real-time bandwidth consumption, and MAC address.

Hi Tim - unfortunately the client list doesnt show total traffic moved, only live data.
Imagine you get a bill from your ISP for several thousand dollars on your 3G data account as you are roaming and have gone over your monthly megabyte limit.
(my clients are big sailing yachts & motor yachts around the Mediterranean so this is quite common)
You need to identify which machine generated all the traffic so you can determine if it was legitimately work related or some user downloading movies.
Currently the reporting system does not let you identify the problem machine, only the IP. Static IPs arent an option, there are too many devices on the subnet over the course of a month.
Pepwave is a premium brand - there are other much cheaper units that do offer this. We need to get this fixed otherwise I will have to sell someone else’s product to my clients!
Sorry please dont take this the wrong way - its a vital feature on 3G/4G units, and the competition e.g. Lancom, TP-Link etc. all already have this. Please pass this on to the software department I would appreciate it.


We hear you loud and clear. We’ll get this feature supported on future release. We’ll update you on the availability in the next two weeks. Our product management team has weekly meetings and we’ll bring this up on our next meeting.

Thank you for your feedback.

Great thank you Alex & Tim - much appreciated! :smiley: