Bandwidth mgmt error

Just updated to firmware 3.5.2 build 1537. Trying to adjust bandwidth management values and every time I click Save, I get the following message:

Invalid Default Interim Interval. (Allowed range: 60-2678400)

Also, the device is up but InControl status is offline.

Hi Ben,

May I know what value you had configured on bandwidth management? Please provide the screenshot on this.

Please see the attached screenshot for the values and message received.

Also confirmed we are able to ping the 4 servers successfully. No outbound ports are blocked. Controller management settings are enabled (checked) and controller type is set to “Auto”.

Here is the original bandwidth settings prior to being changed (see screenshot).

Also - we have 3 total devices which are not under warranty any longer. I have registered them all in InControl2, but none are online. InControl shows 1 online.

Please open a support ticket so we can look into your issue more deeply:

InControl 1 will eventually be going EOL so we encourage you to switch over to the new more powerful InControl2. If you don’t want to purchase an extended warranty you can go with the subscription-only:

I opened a support ticket yesterday: [Ticket #757459] APOne - Bandwidth mgmt

Thanks, we will follow up with you through the ticket then.