Bandwidth Management on HD4

I have few questions:

  1. What is the max no of user which can simultaneously connect to the MAX HD4 to use the shared Wi-Fi network to internet access?

  2. Does HD4 management bandwidth by limiting upstream/downstream by client?


Hi @Vincent_Wise,

Thanks for your questions.

The MAX HD4 has a recommended concurrent user maximum of 500.
This recommendation is for sizing purposes only, no software restrictions apply.

The MAX HD4 supports bandwidth management based on user groups.
The screenshot you will find underneath is taken from the Pepwave MAX online demo, running on a MAX HD2 with firmware 6.3.0 (most recent firmware is firmware 7).
You can find the Pepwave MAX online demo here:

If you would like to like to apply bandwidth management per client, I would advise using the Social WiFi feature via InControl 2.
Besides just bandwidth based, you can also base the restrictions on time, or bandwidth and time based.
For more information and a short video demonstration, visit: Peplink - Unbreakable Connectivity - Peplink.

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Hi Joey_van_der_Gaag,

Thanks for your reply and input!
For using Social WiFi feature via InControl 2, could file sharing between users?
Is it possible for a isolated configuration for each user that not allow file sharing?


Hi Vincent,

No problem!
Glad I can help.

You can configure different rules for each user group, but you will have to configure it in the MAX HD4 itself, instead of in the InControl 2 cloud.
Of course you can remotely access the MAX HD4 via the InControl 2 cloud aswell.
This feature is called Content Blocking, where you can block all kinds of things, such as file sharing.

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Hello @Vincent_Wise,
There is an option you can use within the InControl2 settings for the SSIDs to restrict the ability of devices from accessing each other and even the LAN if you only want the deices to have internet access (be that WAN access).

Within the SSID settings of InControl2,

  • Enable “Layer 2 Isolation”
  • Enable “Block LAN Access”

See how you go with these.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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