Bandwidth Management for Internet

Is it possible to have bandwidth management on AP One for guest portal users ?
I know we have a Bandwidth control per SSID / Per client but it cannot separate network traffic with Internet traffic ! I need bandwidth management only for Internet traffic.
Is there any solution for that ?


Hi Hootan,

I will have to ask you what kind of application(s) your case is referring to in more detail.

Normally, you set one SSID for staff and another SSID for guests that will be routed to a guest portal site.
So if you enable “Bandwidth Management” in the guest SSID and set up the bandwidth speed for download and upload using either “Per VAP” (the guest SSID itself) or “per client” in the guest SSID, all the guest users that are accessing the guest SSID will be limited to the speeds you set up, which means throttling the bandwidth to the Internet or even internal resources. However, generally we recommend customers enable “Block LAN Access” so that guest users won’t be able to access the internal resources (LAN).

If you could elaborate your specific scenario in more detail, I would appreciate it.

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Dear Haruki ,

Thanks for your reply,

Okay that’s right for guests and guest SSID which the only traffic is Internet traffic on that SSID. I’am asking about company users who at the same time have access to the Internet and LAN. Is there any way to separate Internet traffic and LAN traffic and set bandwidth limitation for Internet access not LAN access ?

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I think you have to do the QoS control on Internet gateway, such as putting a Peplink Balance 380 as Internet gateway. Then, you can limit the Internet traffic per user.

Dear Lai ,

Thanks , it’s another way for doing this and so many other ways are available for bandwidth shaping on the gateway , but we’d like to see this on AP Ones in the future.

Hi Gentleman,

can we do QOS at pepwave AP one base on IP address, for example; we set 2 of the IP address let say & , we guarantee 2mbps for them when they connect to the AP one.