Bandwidth lower than expected

Just upgraded our internet speeds from 100 to 600 Mbps. I’m only getting around 175. If I connect directly to our Spectrum router, I get the full 600. I’ve updated the firmware (8.1). PC is showing a 1GB network connection. Is there a throttle setting I’m not finding?

Hi Chris. Welcome to the forum!

What Peplink device are you using?

Balance 20

That would explain it - a Balance 20 is rated at 150Mbps of router throughput.

So your 175MBps of throughput you’re seeing is actually more than you would typically expect to see on that model.

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The balance 20x is rated at 900MBps and includes cellular backup

Yes good point. I assume the OP has a Balance 20 and not a B20X but that isn’t a safe assumption.