Bandwidth Limitation in IC2 Captive Portals

Dear Peplink Team,

One of our partner is competing for a tender notice regarding WiFi connectivity on buses, they are pushing the final customer to buy BR1 Minis which is testing out in these days. However our main rival is competing with Teltonika routers which are cheaper so we are focusing on an IC2 integration for captive portals and fleet management.

The customer is loving IC2 but there is a huge limitation in his case: bandwidth limit configuration is available only when using Social Login, we were not able to find any option when using Token or Email access.

What do you think about it? Do you think that any implementation would be possible?

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Bandwidth quota is already available in E-mail access mode. We are adding the bandwidth quota to token mode and it will be available by the end of June.

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Bandwidth Quota is automatically disabled when you allow users to authenticate in more than one device at a time. Huge bummer!! I found out the hard way. (Using user account access mode).

Are you referring to Guest Account access mode?

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I think that’s the name of it, yes, “Guest Account” access mode. I’m referring to the “Guest Account Management” screen under the “Guest Account” tab of the “Access Mode” section of the Captive Portal.

@gabrielmongefranco, can you share you used case? Why you need a guest to have multiple logins with bandwidth quota limit?

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I should explain my use case better:

My guests can connect more than device: for example, a laptop and a phone. I want to throttle the overall bandwith available so they don’t take up my limited VDSL bandwidth, but each user only has one account ach. The problem is that as soon as I enable multiple “logins” the bandwidth option disappears. It is my understanding that I have to enable multiple “logins” so they can connect multiple devices at once using the same user ID. Is that correct?

If so, then that’s my use case – one account per user, multiple devices connected concurrently (laptop, smartphone) by that user, but still limiting bandwidth for that user overall either across all his/her devices or per device (doesn’t matter which one to me, but I guess the first one makes more sense since I’m using Guest User access mode).

Your understanding is correct.

Anyway, we do receive a complaint from customers. The multiple logins with bandwidth quota make them confused. Certain users might not aware they have concurrent logins. When they use the second/third device to login, they might get a message that bandwidth quota reached.

Your used case makes sense. Lets the product team reconsiders this.


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It is not possible add bandwidth quota to existing captive portal system due to some architecture limitations. But in the mean time, we are rewriting the captive portal system from scratch. The new system will support per-client-device bandwidth quota in guest account mode. ETA is late Q1, 2018.

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